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Works Collection for Olympic Games

Author:mycrusher.cn   Post Date:2008-7-24

In order to further promote the cultural construction of our company, welcome the Olympic Games at the same time, our company decide to launch calligraphy art competition and the Olympic essay activity as the theme of "Humanities' Olympics and to create harmony together". Now the extensive collection of works is going. Specific notifications are as follows:

1 . Type of activity:

(1) For calligraphy and art competitions, any type is Ok,but must be original.

(2) For the Olympic essays, genre is not limited,but originality is asked.

2. Theme The works should be on the theme of "Humanities' Olympics and to create harmony together" which reflect on the 2008 Olympic Games from multi-angle,multi-lateral and look forward to a bright future of the company's vision and desire.

3 . Time From July 23, 2008 to August 4, 2008

4 . Forms of Activities A voluntary basis is taken for Calligraphy and art competitions.However, at least two essays which are on the theme from each department are asked for Olympic essay activity.The types may be multi-angle.

5 . Competitions and Awards Every participant who takes part in calligraphy art competition can get prize.Moreover,two special prizes are set up.While,Olympic essays will be judged by our judges selected.There are two first prizes, three second prizes , five third prizes.

6 . Place of Posting Works : office In order to facilitate the participants to join actively,raw materials (Xuan paper, ink, etc.) are prepared by office.If anyone needs, please inform the office before July 28.


July 22, 2008


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