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2008 year Liming Heavy Industry Working Conference and Commend Convention ceremoniously performed

Author:The Crusher   Post Date:2008-4-10

  On Feb 18, 2008 year Henan Liming Road And Bridge Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd working Conference and Commend Convention were ceremoniously opened in Guanghua Hotel. At 9 o’clock in the morning, Henan Liming Road And Bridge Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd working Conference was performed formly. Faxian Fu, the administrative vice general manager, delivered opening speech and work report, vice general manager Chengli Zhao made speak. Each deaprtment of our corporation and the Group Center briefly reviewed the achievements in 2007 year and put forward the work goal of 2008 year, expressed the decision to make great efforts to achieve the goal. Songke Yang, the chairman of board, made the summary speech in the end and thank all staff for the achievement in 2007 year.In his speech, Chairman Yang pointed out the development direction and strategic planning of our company in 2008.This indicates our forward aim and direction.

  At two o’clock in the afernoon, all staff had a happy gathering in the hall, congratulate the excellent employees of 2007 year who come to honors. In the joyful and ceremonious atmosphere,our company’s leadships and the excellent employees last year separately award the prize and certificate to excellent employees of 2007 year. Then all staff watch the rich and colorful literary show. After the convention New spring feast was held, in the feast each department leadships and the employees drink and celebrate one after another, expressed the thanks to each other for understand and support between themselves .All staff celebtated for the great exploit and spoke the development,the feast ring down the curtain In the joyful and impassioned atmosphere.


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