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Medium Report: HENAN LIMING ROAD AND BRIDGE HEAVY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD: dedicate to innovation and research , hold strong competition -(China business)

Author:Ecommerce department   Post Date:2008-1-10

At present in the domestic market and abroad market, the update speed of the products in heavy industry is more quickly. Manufacturer should keep head in technology with strong ability of innovation and R&D. It is known that since the competition in the heavy industry is more and more candescent, quality and price is rather disordered. Some big enterprises begin to transfer to international market for the bigger development space. Then Ecommerce supply effective approach for that those enterprises look for clients and develop abroad market.


Henan Liming Road And Bridge Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd was established in 1987, as the leading enterprise of machine industry that produces large and medium-sized crushers and mills, have several production lines such as Sand Making, Powder making, stone materials,etc. All the products had passed the quality system certification of ISO9001:2000 and several products passed the CE certificate. From 2000 all products had been put in foreign market. Now Liming had set up agents and had stable customer relation in the international market such as Europe, America, Mid-asia, Southeast asia, Australia, Russia, etc. The percentage of client which is from E-commerce is 60%70%.


“The biggest superiority of ecommerce is, no matter that new products and old products, all can rapidly transfer to the world by the network platform,” Ms Ning Gaige said, as the manager of market department in Liming Heavy Industry. When Liming Heavy industry arranged to use B2B to extend in the world In 2005,they choose to cooperate with Made-In China (www.made-in-china.com ) for its famous brand. In the factual operation, Made-in -China exert its function as bridge and lagament and bring many orders to Liming Heavy Industry.


As the leading enterprise, Liming break away from many followers in the backside with durative innovation and R&D. The company gathered a large group of excellent people that represent management and research. There are six product and technology get the national patent early or late. How they can embody the strength in the ecommerce? It’s well known that the network provide the chance of baleful copy and imitation for those illegal enterprises on the same time of realizing resource sharing. Many product photos of Liming Heavy Industry is often copied and used by other enterprises. So once the service of “Certificated supplier” is carried out by Made-In-China and SGS group, Liming Heavy Industry take the head of the same industry in joining in the service.


 According to the introduction of Manager Ning, the certificate report is on the base of review on the spot about the actual situations of the enterprise by SGS.It is revelation of the whole strength, specially is the evaluation of the ability of innovation and R&D.When the buyer in the world can’t visit the enterprise on the spot, they may look over the certificated report in the Made-In-China on-line. Then the buyer will know the authentic situations. This will increase the credit of the enterprise and improve the competition.

(Author: Kong Qinghao)


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 Dedicate to innovation and R&D, hold strong competition


Source: Ecommerce department Release date: 2008-1-10 9:08:21 


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