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Ask Date:7/28/2008 10:25:41 PM
Question:We have cone crushers. We have usually wear problems. Life of concave wear plate is 60 days.We did experiment.
Detail: We genarally use 120Mn13. Perhaps we are making heat treatment or machining. But Where?

Reply:You need to be more specific with a problem description. There are many reasons for wear. It is helpful to concentrate on your problem. First, give some details on:

1. product strength, size and its properties
2. rate through crusher and if continuos or highly intermitent
3. crusher manuifacturer and size or model
4. concave and mantle shape being applied
5. how crusher is fed - ie choked or light flow wrt crusher size

This last point is referencing the wear brought about due to product heaving in crusher bowl if you do not keep bowl full. Keeping the crusher opening full holds the rock in the crusher bite from slipping upward during the pinching cycle. When the rock breaks during crushing, much of the explosive fracture causes reverse motion of the material above product unless it is captured.

There are different concave and mantle forms/shapes that are ideal or optimized for certain products, strength and size distribution.


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